Emote Me

︎ Spring 2018

︎ Packaging Design
︎ Exhibition Design
During my time at RISD, I designed the packaging for a card game  that would reflect my interactions on a digital platform. I chose to focus on the mismatch between the expressiveness of emoji used in the digital space and the blank facial expressions of emoji users.

I created this project to convey the contrasting expression on our faces as we use emoji with the facial expressions when we convey. I noticed, being a frequent emoji user and receiver, that despite the vivid emotions conveyed through emoji over text and social media, users do not show the same emotion in real life. In fact, when using emoji, people tend to retain a neutral or bored facial expression.

I chose to represent this by creating a game which I titled emote me, a pun on the word "emoji." The game has a simple format of a typical memory card game, in which the cards have my face on one side and an emoji on the other. The game player would have to guess which emoji was on the other side of the face, similar to the way we as people would  have no way of knowing what emoji someone else is sending based off of their facial expression alone.

For the final presentation of my project, I created an exhibition table based off of the design of the game packaging.