Brand Design Internship 2019

︎Summer 2019

︎Brand Identity
During the summer of 2019 I worked at LaunchDarkly, a software startup based in Oakland, California. Going in to my internship, I knew very little about the role of a designer within a tech company, let alone the tech industry in general. I’ve come out of this internship with a better understanding of different sectors of the tech industry and the different ways designers can grow within its framework.

I had the benefit of working with Melissa, the creative director of LaunchDarkly, who had designed the brand identity of the company. She showed me what she had learned working as a designer in a software-oriented company and helped me understand the challenges of working in a developer-oriented environment. As a Brand Design Intern, I had the flexibility to work at the intersection of the Product and Marketing Teams within LD, which meant I was able to contribute to the efforts of both teams and get a comprehensive sense of the growing design needs of LaunchDarkly’s ever-expanding team.  

Moonshots Poster

The very first thing I created at LaunchDarkly was the poster for their internal hackathon, Moonshots, where members of the LD team are challenged to innovate various solutions to the LaunchDarkly platform and internal communication within the startup. As this was their 8th ever hackathon in their 5 years as a company, I decided to create a poster featuring the LD mascot, Toggle, flying through space in front of the number 8.

I also participated in Moonshots 8 itself, working with some of the developers on a slackbot called “Thumbseeker” that would smooth the process of getting approval for deployment of code within certain feature flags within Slack. We were the winning team!

Archetype Cards

During my time at LaunchDarkly, I worked closely with the product team, helping them create wireframes for their ongoing projects. While doing so, I also created archetype cards, memorization tools intended to be used by the product and dev teams remember the LaunchDarkly user archetypes when designing within the platform. Originally, each archetype was assigned a generic, color-coded user icon to differentiate them. I decided to create a set of icons that would work within the existing code-referential visual language of LaunchDarkly while making sure each design reference the role of each archetype.


Miscellaneous Marketing Collateral

As part of my brand design internship, I also learned much about how the LaunchDarkly brand is applied across different platforms for both internal and external use. During my time at the company, I performed day-to-day tasks such as creating Twitter banners advertising LaunchDarkly’s presence at multiple conferences, updating their library of graphics & web-based assets through Invision’s DSM, and creating business cards for each new member that joined LaunchDarkly. I also had the opportunity to design more fun marketing collateral atimed at cultivating an engaging company culture. Some of these included stickers and t-shirts that were to be distributed internally and externally. One of my favorite projects within this category was designing anniversary badges to celebrate how many years each team member had been at LaunchDarkly. I used various space and tech motifs used in LaunchDarkly’s visual language to create a cohesive look across the five badges.

In conclusion...
This past summer at LaunchDarkly was a meaningful experience. Through the help of the many wonderful and patient team members at LD, I have developed an understanding of the importance of feature flags and other dev-specific tools and the larger scope and function of a designer in the tech industry. Not only did I have the opportunity to design within a company with a welcoming and developed culture, I was able to see the impact my work as a brand design intern had within that culture. I am especially grateful for the members of the design team as they gave me the opportunity to learn through their mentorship and experiences in the tech industry while also making me feel like my input was essential to their collective efforts. I have come out of this experience feeling prepared and excited for future opportunities in brand design