Mapping Information

︎Spring 2019

︎Information Design
This is a set of infographics I designed during my last semester of RISD. For me, this was an opportunity to practice all I’d learned studying Graphic Design for the past 3 years, and practice my illustration skills within the context of my practice.

Trip-le Check

For this infographic, I detailed three trips I took, all originating from my off-campus housing in Providence, RI. Whenever I travel, I have a habit of constantly checking my pockets and bag for items in case I forget them. More often than not, I’ll find that I’ve left something behind, leading me to backtrack to get what I needed. I wanted to show this process, as well as other activities I engage in during travel, through this infographic.

How to Share a Tomato Plant

Back in California, my family would plant a vegetable garden every year, and one of things we consistently grew each year was tomatoes. My parents still raise them to this day. One thing that’s great about growing fruits and vegetables is the various ways that people can enjoy them and spread that enjoyment, whether it’s by sharing the (literal) fruits of your labor or by giving them the seeds from that year’s crop. I designed this infographic to show the audience the many ways one can share a tomato plant through different stages of its life cycle.

Germany Infogrpahic

The final infographic created for this class was one about the country of Germany, pertaining to it’s economy, geography, agricultural, history and people.