Mask Your ( )

︎ January 2019

︎ Package Design
︎ Brand Identity
︎ Installation 
For my course called (re)Designing Self-Care, I was challenged to create a project that questioned and critiqued the self-care industry as it is run today, addressing its problems and shortcomings. I decided to critique how the self-care industry has migrated from its original intention of promoting disciplined experiences.

In order to execute my concept, I first researched the variety of products offered by the self-care industry. One of the ones that kept coming up, both in searching online retailers as well as social media hashtags, was the sheet mask, which, in today's culture, has become emblematic of the renewed consumer interest in self-care.

Instead of creating normal sheet masks that cover the entire face, I chose to create face masks in the shape of band aids, both to highlight the fact that sheet masks and other self care products are mere band-aid solutions to underlying stressors and problems in life and to poke fun at the way these consumer goods are touted in the beauty and self-care industry as a necessity in self-care emergencies. I created prototypes of my conceptual sheet masks out of thin cotton paper to see if they would work in practice.

After successful testing, I went ahead to the design the packaging for the masks. Since my masks took the form of band-aids, I decided to house them in packaging resembling emergency kits.

To strengthen the ethos of the brand, I created stickers and posters as additional collateral.

I created a pop-shop to present all the collateral I had made for my concept, creating additional signage from vinyl to install everything onto the wall in a public space where as many people as possible could interact with it.